We must improve access to quality affordable healthcare. Too many dreams and lives are being destroyed by out of control costs and battles with insurance companies. We need support to expand Medicaid. This would cover more than 500,000 North Carolinians, add $4 billion to our economy, create thousands of new jobs, and help to control insurance premiums. Net effect to Carteret and Jones Counties is help for over 4000 people and projected $46 million to our economy


When I left NC 20 years ago our public schools were a model that other states looked up to. Now we are the bottom tier. Proper funding is Paramount. Providing quality education for our young people is essential for the growth and success of our communities, state, and nation.


Carteret is known as the Crystal Coast and we must protect and preserve it. Scientific research and data are available for us and we must pay attention to insure the sustainability of our industries - fishing and tourism. We have to look closely not only at what benefits us today but also at the legacy we are leaving our future generations. This requires forward thinkers committed to preserving the magnificent coast we love and value.


Two things that have not been mentioned - Honest and Respect. Be Honest with yourself. Not feeling well ? Get checked. Don't try to cover it up. Respect. your family and neighbors. Protect them by not exposing them. Be smart and don't panic.